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Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Studio Album Vinyl Collection 1976-1991 - 9 LP - JAMMIN Recordings

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Studio Album Vinyl Collection 1976-1991 - 9 LP

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Track Listing:

LP 1:
1. Rockin' Around (With You) (Side A)
2. Breakdown (Side A)
3. Hometown Blues (Side A)
4. The Wild One, Forever (Side A)
5. Anything That's Rock 'N' Roll (Side A)
6. Strangered In The Night (Side B)
7. Fooled Again (I Don't Like It) (Side B)
8. Mystery Man (Side B)
9. Luna (Side B)
10. American Girl (Side B)

LP 2:
1. When The Time Comes (Side A)
2. You're Gonna Get It (Side A)
3. Hurt (Side A)
4. Magnolia (Side A)
5. Too Much Ain't Enough (Side A)
6. I Need To Know (Side B)
7. Listen To Her Heart (Side B)
8. No Second Thoughts (Side B)
9. Restless (Side B)
10. Baby's A Rock 'N' Roller (Side B)

LP 3:
1. Refugee (Side A)
2. Here Comes My Girl (Side A)
3. Even The Losers (Side A)
4. Shadow Of A Doubt (A Complex Kid) (Side A)
5. Century City (Side A)
6. Don't Do Me Like That (Side B)
7. You Tell Me (Side B)
8. What Are You Doin' In My Life (Side B)
9. Louisiana Rain (Side B)

LP 4:
1. The Waiting (Side A)
2. A Woman In Love (It's Not Me) (Side A)
3. Nightwatchman (Side A)
4. Something Big (Side A)
5. Kings Road (Side A)
6. Letting You Go (Side B)
7. A Thing About You (Side B)
8. Insider (Side B)
9. The Criminal Kind (Side B)
10. You Can Still Change Your Mind (Side B)

LP 5:
1. A One Story Town (Side A)
2. You Got Lucky (Side A)
3. Deliver Me (Side A)
4. Change Of Heart (Side A)
5. Finding Out (Side A)
6. We Stand A Chance (Side B)
7. Straight Into Darkness (Side B)
8. The Same Old You (Side B)
9. Between Two Worlds (Side B)
10. A Wasted Life (Side B)

LP 6:
1. Rebels
2. It Ain't Nothin' To Me (Side A)
3. Don't Come Around Here No More (Side A)
4. Southern Accents (Side A)
5. Make It Better (Side B)
6. Spike (Side B)
7. Dogs On The Run (Side B)
8. Mary's New Car (Side B)
9. The Best Of Everything (Side B)

LP 7:
1. Jammin' Me (Side A)
2. Runaway Trains (Side A)
3. The Damage You've Done (Side A)
4. It'll All Work Out (Side A)
5. My Life / Your World (Side A)
6. Think About Me (Side B)
7. All Mixed Up (Side B)
8. A Self - Made Man (Side B)
9. Ain't Love Strange (Side B)
10. How Many More Days (Side B)
11. Let Me Up (I've Had Enough) (Side B)

LP 8:
1. Free Fallin' (Side A)
2. I Won't Back Down (Side A)
3. Love Is A Long Road (Side A)
4. Runnin' Down A Dream (Side A)
5. Feel A Whole Lot Better (Side B)
6. Yer So Bad (Side B)
7. Depending On You (Side B)
8. The Apartment Song (Side B)
9. Alright For Now (Side B)
10. A Mind With A Heart Of Its Own (Side B)
11. Zombie Zoo (Side B)

LP 9:
1. Learning To Fly (Side A)
2. Kings Highway (Side A)
3. Into The Great Wide Open (Side A)
4. Two Gunslingers (Side A)
5. The Dark Of The Sun (Side A)
6. All Or Nothin' (Side A)
7. All The Wrong Reasons (Side B)
8. Too Good To Be True (Side B)
9. Out In The Cold (Side B)
10. You And I Will Meet Again (Side B)
11. Makin'Some Noise (Side B)
12. Built To Last (Side B)

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