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Motley Crue Theater Of Pain - CD

Motley Crue - Theater Of Pain - CD

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Brand new and factory sealed.

Track Listing:

1. City Boy Blues
2. Smokin' in the Boys Room
3. Louder Than Hell
4. Keep Your Eye on the Money
5. Home Sweet Home
6. Tonight (We Need a Lover)
7. Use It or Lose It
8. Save Our Souls
9. Raise Your Hands to Rock
10. Fight for Your Rights
11. Home Sweet Home [Demo]
12. Smokin' In The Boys Room [Alternate Guitar Solo-Rough Mix] - (Alternate Guitar Solo-Rough Mix alternate take) 
13. City Boy Blues [Demo]
14. Home Sweet Home [Instrumental Rough Mix] - (Instrumental Rough Mix)
15. Keep Your Eye On The Money [Demo]
16. Tommy's Drum Piece from Cherokee Studios

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